“I’ve done two sessions with Anthea Greco.  One was a pretty straight read, but the other required her to be a pampered, gossipy cat, and a judgemental look-down-your-beak-with-disparagement parrot.  She has a unique gift in this regard which I heartily encourage everyone to use.  By the end of the session I was left wondering whether Anthea mimics animals, or whether animals mimic Anthea.  The nett result was (a) a great ad, and (b) I can no longer talk to a cat (or a parrot) without feeling a little paranoid.” 

Stephen Renfree

director, bang bang studios

Paul McCosh 

Sound Designer, Viva Sound


"A breath of fresh air, Anthea is a delight to work with, bringing to our voice-over productions a level of professionalism and skill that is a cut above the rest. A pleasure to work with!"

"It's been a delight to work with Anthea from her first audiobook nearly two years ago, to her sixth title for Square Sound. She is truly at home in the booth, bold and playful or restrained and sensitive as the text demands. A unique talent and a wonderful presence."

Justine Sloane-Lees


Michael Princi

Creative Director, Gravia Media


"I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Anthea on a number of voiceover projects. Not only does she have an incredibly versatile voice, but she combines it with a very professional approach. I look forward to working with her again."   

Liam Annert

Sound Designer / Engineer, Risk Sound

"An instantly recognisable voice for its uniqueness and character, Anthea can transform in a flick of a switch to deliver the direction required. She is the benchmark I set when auditioning new talent for her diversity across animation, adverting and audiobook work."

"Anthea is a total professional. Good with direction. Incisive with character interpretation and has a clear passion for quality performance."

Jon Luscombe

director, paradiso productions

"Anthea is a talented, versatile and easy-to-work with actress, with a wide range of voiceover skills. I would unhesitatingly recommend her."

Stephen Yolland

Director of Creative Strategy, 

Magnum Opus Partners


"Anthea was a pleasure to teach and direct throughout our training. Having worked in a professional environment after our training, I can attest to Anthea’s skill and versatility in the craft of voice acting. In the booth, Anthea’s characters truly come to life and she takes direction well, with instant results."

Danny O'Grady

Voice Over Lecturer

Senior Audio Producer,

southern cross austereo